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We are having issues at the sewer lift station where items that are not allowed to enter the system are occurring.  The following items are not allowed to be flushed in a sewer system:

1. Grease chunks are being found on the inlet screen.  Anyone who produces grease are required to have grease traps.

2. Diapers wrapped up with duct tape are making their way into the sewer line.  Not sure how this happening since it should plug their sewer service line.

3. Rags of all types are being found at the screen.  These include orange work rags, white rags, brown paper towels, and similar items that are not allowed in a sewer system.

4. Plastic bags with grease inside.  Plastic bags marked with drug paraphernalia.  Syringes with needles still left on the syringe.

5.  Soap bars with wrappers and without.  Do not use the toilet for disposing of soap bars.  They plug up the pumps requiring staff to pull the pumps and motor.

6.  The flushable wipes should not be used because most of these do not degrade.  They plug up the aerators requiring staff to enter the lagoons to remove off of the propellers.

NDEP, Bureau of Pollution, has noted these issues with our system and want this information posted to ask for assistance from the community.  Anyone found disposing of any of these items may result in a fine and discontinuance of services.  Thank you for your assistance. 

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