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Bill Pay


                                                                                                                          IDCODE: 8900311

***Billing and payment processing is all done through the SoftWater system software. All necessary information is provided on the billing statements***





*Convenience fee applied on all credit/debit payments.

***Doxo payments is a third-party provider that the Utility is utilizing for free ACH payments for our customers until ACH payments are set up and able to be taken through the SoftWater System. These payments are entered manually into the system by the clerk and will show as an adjustment on your billing statements.***


Click here to pay your bill with doxo - Free bank account payments! 

Office Payment

101 N 2nd St. Beatty, NV 89003

*Drop box located on the right hand side facing entrance door.*

Mailing Payment

PO Box 99 Beatty, NV 89003

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